Make Foreign Language Part of the School Day

A wide majority of respondents say it can be added to the course mix.

While the number of respondents was small, the results were overwhelming: District 27 should make foreign language part of the school day for first through fifth graders.

The District 27 PTA Council has voted to move forward with investigating whether a world language, probably Spanish, after school as a fee-based program. Both the council and the administration are looking at companies that can teach the language and how after-school instruction could
affect other extra-curricular activites.

But 14, or 73 percent, of the 19 to Patch's unscientific survey overwhelmingly said foreign language should be a part of the regular curriculum at Hickory Point and Shabonee elementary schools.

One commenter, Ed60062, said "It should be part of the school day. Language is most easily learned at a young age."

Another four, or 21 percent percent - said that should be optional. One person said the district should find another way. A solution however was not offered.

Already in District 27, Spanish and French are a part of the curriculum at Wood Oaks Junior High School.

Other area school districts offer foreign language as part of their regular curriculum for elementary school students.


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