Readers Weigh in on State Requiring New Vaccinations for Students

Do you think the State of Illinois should require students to receive the Tdap booster shot in order to remain in school? Tell us in the comment section.


When the Illinois State Board of Health approved new recommendations requiring all sixth through twelfth grade students to have an additional vaccination, the Tdap booster shot, we asked what you thought of the idea. 

Do you think the state of Illinois should be telling us how to vaccinate our children? Do you think it’s fair that those who refuse vaccinations will not be allowed to attend school? 

Here are some of the responses we received:

“The issue is cumulative immunity. If I'm immunized, the people with whom I come in contact also get a level of immunity, while they await their immunizations. Immunity wears off, thus requiring boosters. If people refuse to be immunized, others become vulnerable to an illness during periods of eroding immunity,” Patch reader Procrustes' Foil wrote.

“Yes of course vaccination should be required. Communicable diseases are not a matter for personal choice. Herd immunity,” Patch reader Gregory Primosch wrote.  

“If vaccinating for Pertussis is so important, there should be a single Pertussis vaccine. In this for-profit medical economy, it is not cost effective for them to develop a Pertussis vaccine. To heck with the fact that our children need only a Pertussis booster,” Patch reader LisaJoinPatch wrote.  

“I used to run raging fevers and have convulsions as a baby, my pediatrician wouldn't vaccinate me with the DTaP one. Ten years ago I got a Tetanus shot and my arm burned and the muscles hurt for about a week after. I will never force anyone to do something like that,” Patch reader Patty Beeftink wrote.


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