Foreign Language Teacher at Northbrook Jr. High to Retire

Jill Reigle inspired the love of all things French for 34 years.

Jill Reigle is all things French at .

While she taught Spanish for 15 years, by far the Northbrook resident is a Francophile and has imparted the love of Paris, the culture, the history and especially Impressionist art.

Reigle is retiring this week after 34 years, but to see her at school next year as she plans to substitute teach as a way of transitioning from school life to home life.

Patch asked Reigle a few things about her career at Northbrook Junior High School and her future plans - here's what she had to say.

What Will You Miss about Teaching?

French language students are passionate about all aspects of the language so it was always a pleasure to teach them. Junior high students have “attempted” to keep me young and current.  I will really miss this age group – They don't hesitate to ask you anything!  I loved teaching about Paris and Impressionism and will really miss passing on those cultural topics to a new group every year.  I will really miss seeing and working with the staff, as many of them became my very good friends over the years.  

What Won't You Miss about Teaching?

I will not miss writing weekly lesson plans.  I will not miss meetings. I will not miss early morning wake-ups!

Please Share Some Anecdotes about Teaching

Students never hesitated to comment on my haircut, hair color, outfit, shoes, etc. One young man walked in many years ago after a unit on clothing and said "Madame, I love your lingerie!"  I looked down to make sure nothing was showing and asked him if he knew what he was saying. "Oui madame, it's your necklace!"  I think I left it at that without trying to explain the real meaning of "lingerie" to him...I’m sure he's figured it out by now, as my first students are now in their mid-40's.

Any Words of Wisdom to Incoming Faculty?

Years will fly by.  Do your best to enjoy every moment you're with students – in and out of the classroom.  Always be flexible and fair and treat the students with respect and you will be respected.  Share yourself and your life and take an interest in theirs.  

What Are Your Hopes for District 28?

District 28 has been a wonderful place to spend my career. I hope the district never loses its motto of "Teaching, Learning, Caring."

What Do You Plan to Do During Retirement?

I plan to substitute the first year while I still know students, faculty, and routines.  It will be a good way to transition between my school life and home life.

What Are You Looking Forward to During Retirement?

I look forward to trips and have planned a trip to California in August when school is starting and one to France and Italy next spring with my husband and family members.


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