Andy Han
My name is Andy Han and I am a freshman attending Glenbrook North High School. I been living in Northbrook since 2006 after moving to United States from South Korea. I have been active in the village of Northbrook by working as an active student as well as contributing to Northbrook by working as a Commisoner at the Northbrook Youth Commision as well as an usher at St. Norbert Church. I went to Wescott, Greenbriar, Northbrook Junior, and currently at GBN.  I am currently involved in the GBN Freshmen Tennis Team, GBN Freshmen Orchestra, GBN Student Advisory Board, GBN Freshmen Board, and a student at the Glenbrook Academy of International Studies.   I love being part of Northbrook. I have received a lot from Northbrook and I want to give back even more by joining Patch. I hope my voice can make Northbrook a better place.  Thank you for reading!   
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